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Beyond Sight
Please call to schedule an appointment or to discuss your low vision needs.
We are the experts and can help you find the best product to help with your low vision goals.
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About Us About Us
Welcome to Beyond Sight
Beyond Sight is dedicated to enhancing the independence of blind and vision-impaired individuals through adaptive technology. Since 1989, we have proudly offered our customers a vast array of products that improve the quality and increase the independence of our customer's lives.

Pride in Ownership
Beyond Sight thoroughly tests and evaluates the adaptive technology products currently available to consumers. In addition, we are beta and pre-release testers for most new products prior to their release to the consumer market. If it's out there, we have probably heard about it, tested it, and carry it in our store if we thought the product met a satisfactory minimum during evaluation.

All of us at Beyond Sight take pride in our product selection. We know that many manufacturers only tell you what a product can do and not its limitations. At Beyond Sight, the customer gets to hear both the pros and cons about a product even with products we carry.

Training for Products We Sell
Most importantly, we offer training for our customers. Anyone who has worked in the field of adaptive technology or in rehabilitation can atest to countless stories of dollars spent on equipment that the end user had no idea how to use, and worst of all, had nobody around to train them how to use it. Beyond Sight, through its experienced and well-trained staff, offers the training appropiate for each of our products.

Changing the Way You Buy
For a long time, low vision and blind people had to depend on catalogs and word of mouth to purchase the adaptive technology they needed to for a fulfilling and independent life. In addition to catalogs and product information briefs, at Beyond Sight we physically offer every product we sell for demonstration purposes in our retail store. We strongly believe that touching, experimenting, and asking questions regarding our product offering is the only effective way of determing which adaptive technologies will work best for you, the individual.
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Merlin Ultra HD 24-inch

Merlin Ultra HD 24-inch

Beyond Sight Product Spotlight Catalog
Product Spotlight Catalog
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