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Beyond Sight
Please call to schedule an appointment or to discuss your low vision needs.
We are the experts and can help you find the best product to help with your low vision goals.
All Major Credit Cards Accepted
Online Discount Codes Online Discount Codes
We now have several discount or promotional codes for you to utilize during online checkout!

We're making it easy for you to save today - the more you spend, the more you save. Simply enter ONE of the following coupon codes during checkout:
  • $10 Off Orders Over $200 » Discount Code "BSI200"

  • $25 Off Orders Over $500 » Discount Code "BSI500"

  • $50 Off Orders Over $1,000 » Discount Code "BSI1000"

  • $100 Off Orders Over $2,000 » Discount Code "BSI2000"

  • FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $75 » Discount Code "FREESHIP"

**You may only use one discount code per online order.**

Coupon Use
When you enter your applicable and valid coupon code, enter only the alphanumeric characters not the quotes.

Problems with Coupon Codes
If you encounter any problems when attempting to apply the correct discount code to your order, please make sure the code you attempting to use is still valid; that your shopping cart has the appropiate minimum; and the code is entered exactly as shown above.

If the coupon code is still not working, simply make note of the issue within the "Comments Section" of your order during checkout and the problem will be addressed before your credit card is processed.

Alternatively, you may contact Beyond Sight directly so that a customer representative may assist you in completing your order.

Non-Profit Discount
We do offer online non-profit discounts, please inquire with a customer representative at Beyond Sight in order to verify and receive your applicable discount.

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Merlin Ultra HD 24-inch

Merlin Ultra HD 24-inch

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Product Spotlight Catalog
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