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Eschenbach LED Pocket Magnifiers 10X
Part/Model: 1511-10


Highly regarded pocket magnifiers with a great choice of lenses, powerful illumination and user-friendly styling. Lenses are lightweight and aspheric for a wide field of view, and coated on both sides with Ceratec to provide additional resistance against scratches. The white LED light has a much longer lifespan and is brighter than an incandescent-type bulb. A filter enables the colour of light to be adapted if required. The Mobilux body is ergonomically-designed, with a large light switch plus easy-to-access battery compartment.


  • Magnification: 10X
  • Ergonmic Design
  • Incredibly Bright LED Illumination
  • Fantastic Battery Life
  • Protective Shield (Removeable)*
  • Perferred Handheld Magnifier Among Customers with AMD

Batteries: 2x AA's (Included)

Warranty: Lifetime! We can fix most magnifiers here in the store.

*New style magnifiers come with a protective case, whereas the older style magnifiers have a protective shield.

Product Added to Online Store: Thursday 26 April, 2012
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