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Eschenbach Magnifier Heads 3x to 12.5x
Part/Model: 1550


Eschenbach Illuminated Stand Magnifiers sit directly on flat surfaces for hands-free use but also have similar portability to hand-held models. They are ideal for reading and for people who find it difficult to hold conventional magnifiers.

A 'mix and match' system of interchangeable handles, lens heads and power sources allows users maximum comfort and control. To create a magnifier that meets your requirement first choose the lens(es) then select a handle from the drop-down list below.

All lenses are made of high-grade PXM material and are treated with a protective Ceratec coating which helps to protect against scratches. Various lens magnifications are available starting from 3x to 12.5x. Handles, which are sold separately and provide the light-source for your magnifying head, are available in either A/C powered or battery-operated.

Warranty: Lifetime!

Please select your desired magnification from the drop-down menu below.

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