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Beyond Sight
Beyond Sight, Inc.
5650 S. Windermere Street
Littleton, CO 80120
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Do you have low vision or another eye condition affecting your sight?
Best Option
Tabletop video magnifiers are the most capable and usually the most enjoyable piece of assistive technology available for low vision individuals. They enable the end-user to read printed materials, fill-out forms, write checks, and much more.
The DaVinci
HD & OCR Video Magnifiers
Desktop Video Magnifiers
Desktop Video Magnifiers
Better Option
Portable video magnifiers are provide many of the same features and functions as their older, bigger tabletop cousins however, these have the portability to accompany users to the restaurant, to church, and while shopping at the store. Please click the image below to be taken to the portable video magnifier section.
Portable Video Magnifiers
Good Option
High-quality magnifiers are great for reading and spot-checking prices, temperature, etc. The thing to remember about glass-based magnifiers is this: the bigger the lens the WEAKER the magnifier, and inversely, the smaller the lens the STRONGER the magnifier. We have hundreds of magnifiers, here are the best of the group:
Schweizer Magnifiers
Schweizer Magnifiers
Eschenbach Magnifiers
Eschenbach Magnifiers
Stand Magnifiers
Stand Magnifiers
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What's New?
Visionary HD Video Magnifier 24" (Used/2012)

Visionary HD Video Magnifier 24" (Used/2012)

Beyond Sight Product Spotlight Catalog
Product Spotlight Catalog
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