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Beyond Sight
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Juliet Pro 60 Narrow
Part/Model: 70JBDLXN


Juliet Pro 60 has 40-character-wide embossing line and 60-character-per-second speed. It also includes two other standard features: Single Sheet Tractors and ET Speaks, our innovative speech system.


  • Regular (12.5 dots per inch) and high-resolution (17 DPI) graphics
  • Dynamic Braille Scaling for different Braille sizes (even within a document)
  • 6 or 8-dot Braille
  • Multi-Copy up to 99 copies of a document
  • Single Sheet Tractors let you emboss up to 22 lines on 11 inch non‑tractor paper (such as letterhead or other special media) by hand-feeding one sheet at a time through the embosser
Warranty: 1-Year (100% Parts & Labor)

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