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Verilux Original Floor Lamp (Ivory or Graphite)
Part/Model: 0936/0937


*Product Backordered until September 2012*

Enhanced Vision 

Backed by over 50 years of research, the Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp offers scotopically enhanced lighting for improving vision. Practical and versatile, this lamp helps reduce tasking errors, improves performance and increases productivity.

Reduced Glare, Eyestrain, & Fatigue

The Original is specifically engineered to eliminate the stroboscopic flicker effect, a fluctuation in light quality found in other light sources, that contributes significantly to eyestrain and headaches. This lamp is also designed with a Parabolic Light Diffuser to protect your eyes from glare. Add a flexible goose-neck for ergonomic positioning, a 2-way brightness control and no-buzz operation and you'll find reading and performing your favorite tasks more enjoyable and efficient.

Truer Colors, Greater Clarity, & Contrast

Bring all the benefits of Natural Spectrum Daylight indoors. Scientifically tuned to the human eye, this ideally balanced light lets you see clearer with less effort and provides excellent color rendering and brilliance.

Greater Light Output, While Using Less Power

Available in both ivory and graphite finishes to match any décor, the Original has an advanced micro-electronic ballast system that constantly monitors and adjusts the flow of electricity to the lamp ensuring you are using less power for greater light output. Its 10,000-hour bulb helps further reduce your carbon footprint while providing bright, pure, soothing light.

Increased Utility & Function

An optional matching magnifier, in ivory or graphite, quickly mounts to this lamp and provides 2x and 6x optical quality magnification for up close, detailed work. With a huge 5” diameter, enlarge your view hands free! The durable, adjustable utility tray with compartments and a non-skid surface is also available and sold separately. Add a handle work station for pens, craft supplies, remote controls, reading glasses and more.


  • Parabolic Light Diffuser to protect your eyes from harsh glare
  • Flicker Elimination Technology® for steady illumination without eye straining flicker
  • Electronic ballast to assure zero power usage when the lamp is off
  • Adjustable height and flexible gooseneck for ergonomic positioning
  • 27 Watt Natural Spectrum® 10,000 hour bulb


  • Height: 48”H positioned at a 90° angle, or 61” extended
  • Base: 10.5’’L x 9”
  • Head: 9.5”x 5.75” x 1.75”
  • Cord Length: 6’
  • Weight: 10 lbs

Warranty: 1-Year (Limited)

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